At Midstream Ridge Primary it is important that culture, academics and sport receive equal space, time and recognition within the school setting.

Our learners are exposed to a wide spectrum of cultural activities and through this exposure, a love for the arts, determination, self-discipline and a balanced personality is learned.

We strive that every learner will reach his/her full potential in their respective cultural pursuits.

In addition to its intrinsic values, culture provides important social benefits to our learners. With improved learning opportunities and health, increased tolerance and opportunities to come together with others, culture enables us to enhance our quality of life and to increase overall well-being.

The main objectives of our cultural programme is to develop the various talents of our students. We strive to provide a platform for budding artists and musicians, to grow team spirit and to account for overall personality development of our students.

In addition to our school programme, we also have a music department with highly qualified musicians proficient in a variety of instruments.

Music Centre

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Cultural Activities

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