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Teal Jigsaw - A

Affordable top-class education.

Maroon Jigsaw - C

An enriched Curriculum in the foundation phase, chess and A+ maths form part of the curriculum.

Teal Jigsaw - A

Assessment happens continuously. The foundation phase uses a scale from
1 – 7, whereas the senior phase writes weekly term tests and exams in November.

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Diversity forms part of our academic success. In Afrikaans, English and Mathematics, the learners are divided into smaller focus groups to ensure that everyone gets the best opportunity to learn.

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Our textbooks are tailored Especially for our school which makes them unique. They are put together by the teachers and are printed specially for our school.

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Our teachers are Masters of their trade. Each a specialist in his or her own right. They are well-trained and many hold Honour’s and Master’s degrees.

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This is the school for the Individual where extra care is taken to accommodate everyone. Barriers to learning are identified early and addressed with the help of the Remedial Centre on campus.

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Midstream Ridge is a parallel medium school where Afrikaans and English learning Coincide in two equal and parallel streams.

Academic Structure



Afrikaans and English are the two official languages of education and learning of the School. They are taught in accordance with the latest approaches. English Phase learners will, from Grade 1, be exposed to Afrikaans as an elementary and communicative language. Afrikaans Phase learners, in turn, will be introduced to English as first language. The communication skills of the learners will be developed as follows:

  • Listening and talking
  • Reading and writing
  • Phonetical and sound awareness
  • Word recognition and high frequency words
  • Pronunciation of words through themes, songs, rhymes and stories
  • Comprehension
  • Language structures and use


This subject is presented using the latest apparatus and methods. Emphasis is placed on practical and first hand experiences. Learners are encouraged to research and experiment under the relevant supervision. Design and technology also receive attention in the school’s daily routine. Teaching and learning takes place from a problem solving point of view to develop new Mathematical abilities and insight:

  • Mastering the correct Mathematical terminology
  • The development of numeracy and calculations
  • The ability to think and reason logically
  • To research, analyse and present information
  • To be proficient in problem solving 

Life skills

The subject Life Skills is the central point for the holistic development of learners. It develops learners’ social, personal, intellectual, emotional and physical growth.

The subject Life Skills involves the following:

 – Initial Knowledge

  • History and Geography
  • Science
  • Technology and Computer skills
  • Chess skills

 – Personal and Social Welfare

  • Social and Emotional Welfare
  • Relationships with people and the environment
  • Religious Education

 – Creative Arts

  • Dance
  • Drama
  • Music
  • Visual Art

 – Physical Education

  • Fine and Gross motor skills


Afrikaans and English

Afrikaans and English are the two official languages of the school. Continuous research and the attendance of language seminars ensure that our educators keep up with the latest developments in languages. Although there is continual development in these subject areas, the basic foundation blocks remain the focus of education. The educator support programme offers learners the opportunity to attend additional classes during the afternoons where reinforcement of reading and language skills take place. During these sessions relevant computer programmes are also made use of. A love of language is fostered by introducing learners to all facets of the written and spoken language during language lessons.

Computer Labs

Computer Labs Computer literacy at Primary School level is in preparation for the effective use of computers as a life skill for the rest of their lives. By introducing interesting projects, we attempt to stimulate an interest in this area for the future. Our labs serve as an extension of the academic programme. Learners are introduced to the world of coding, educational programmes, Microsoft Office and the safe use of the internet. Learners attend computer classes from Grade 1, where the use of perceptual and mathematical programmes are used to introduce the learners to computers. Coding is done from Grade 1 to 7.

Media Centre

Our Media Centre is the reading and research hub of the school. Magazines and newspapers (in a number of languages) are delivered to the Media Centre on a daily and weekly basis. The Media Centre houses networked computer workstations with access to the internet, World Book Online, Mieliestronk and the Mathletics Programmes. After school, research and project work can be completed in the Media Centre.

Religious Education

Midstream Ridge Primary School is Christian based, and the purpose of this part of the curriculum is to convey a Christian message to learners by starting and closing every day with a Christian based message and prayer. Assemblies are compulsory for all learners. The Christian message will be conveyed to our learners during general teaching practices and we aim to instil and/or develop a social conscience in all our learners.

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