Message from the Principal,  Mr Harmse

A hearty welcome back to our Midstream Ridge family. The year has started off in a manner never before experienced in the history of education in South Africa. Luckily, man is a very adaptable being and we managed to successfully start off 2021 with online schooling.

Midstream Ridge Primary School is part of ISASA, an organisation that the majority of Independent Schools in South Africa are members of. The school was therefore compelled to cooperate regarding changes made to the school’s opening date as we needed to take into account not only the safety of the learners, but also of our staff and parents.

We would like to assure you that, as far as humanly possible, we will navigate a safe passage through this unknown educational journey that is ahead of us. We do not know what Covid-19 has in store for us (as well as for our country) for the rest of this year, but everyone’s safety will be the first priority and we will thus always have your child’s best interest at heart.

We would like to encourage you as parents to use this as an ideal opportunity to cultivate independence and responsibility in your child. In this way our learners will be able to deal with any obstacle they may encounter in the future, and to do so with greater self-confidence. You and your child will thus be able to cope, no matter the type of teaching instruction we are following at any given time. We are constantly looking at workable solutions for any possible challenges that might arise. We would like to make a request to you as parents, to trust and support us in this endeavour. Our amazing staff will continue to investigate and adapt new technological methods to ensure that teaching and learning are accessible to everyone. The most important factor in this regard is mutual trust.

We urge you to be patient regarding the commencement of sport and cultural activities, as each activity has its own conditions and rules that it must comply with in order to be within the regulations of the law. Please refer to the latest newsletter to see which activities have already started. We will keep you updated of any new developments regarding this matter.

Together we will develop and expand your child’s potential and creativity by constantly coming up with new ideas. No child will be left behind and we will always go the extra mile, but, we will need your support and cooperation.

Good luck for this challenging year and we wish you all good health and prosperity.

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